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The purpose of a sustainable building policy is to ensure that we construct buildings in a sustainable manner, and to promote sustainable building practices.


At the start of a project we assign one person to be responsible for the LEED portion of the project. This person is responsible for writing the following plans, and ensuring they are executed:

Environmental Construction Operations (ECO),

Construction Waste Management (CWM),

Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC),

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

This person is also responsible for collecting relevant information from the subtrades regarding the materials they use.


The Canada Green Building Council allows points for innovation, and we look for ways to gain credit this way. One way is to maximize the amount of waste materials that are recycled. For example, if the specifications call for 50% of materials to be recycled and we achieve 75% or more, we can gain extra credit. Other ways are to see what can be done with excess materials on site. For example, we gave some thermal panels from a demolition to a local farmer who used the panels for constructing a shed. These panels would otherwise have gone straight to the landfill.

ProjectLocationLEEDCaGBC File
South Division PoliceEdmontonGold14535
RCMP TimberleaFort McMurrayGold10264
Westerra High SchoolStony PlainGold10755
Fire Hall No. 5Fort McMurrayCert.13098
Industrial BuildingAchesonSilver13831
Ecole St. ThomasLloydminsterSilver13718
College Park SchoolLloydminsterSilver15038
Gift Lake SchoolGift LakeCert.15912
Michael Phair SchoolEdmontonGold17475
Father Michael Mireau SchoolEdmontonGold17476
Lois E. Hole SchoolSt. AlbertSilver17745
Partnered SchoolsGrimshawSilver17939